Almost every stylish home shows off the traditional white subway tiles as the in-thing. But the actual interior decorations enthusiasts know where to draw the line when it comes to these choices. Moreover, the recent homeowners and home interior designers have added a bit of twist to the narrative. And the twist is the installation of subway tiles into the home and not outside as we found in underground stations.

Today, we can find subway tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, passageways, pool sides, living rooms, and other home interior places. And these happened because we now have designers who have believed nothing is impossible with subway tiles. All along, the traditional color for subway tiles is white, but will that also be challenged? Yes. Challenging this question has led to the invention of black subway tile patterns that bring an extra layer of drama to the room.

Since its first emergence in the early 20th century, subway tiles have proven to be here to stay. However, the use of the black color subway tiles is relatively new. Therefore, many contemporary users and designers have explored and diversified this new trend. Below are many ideas for using these black subway tiles as recommended by professionals.

Create a visual appeal to your shower

You can use black subway tiles to create visual interest to pull people towards your bathroom shower utilizing the wall. While a tile shower is reasonable, you can fit a shower from top to bottom using a black subway tile as the background. This arrangement can really add some level of specialty to your bathroom, especially if you get matte tiles. The black color of the subway tile becomes the centerpiece of the entire bathroom, bringing other elements together. 

Add depth to your living room

Yes, you read that right! If you conceive the idea of using subway tiles anywhere in the home, just try it. For instance, your living room which is not an exception, can also take subway tiles, especially the black colored ones. So, the days are gone when subway tiles are only restricted to the kitchen and bathrooms. Using them in specific places in your living room is also equally significant. 

Besides, this new application for the living room for black-colored tiles brings a modern touch to your design. For instance, adding a strip of black subway tile along the wood paneling of your living room can add a little more spice to its looks. Moreover, if you have other elements or materials in black color, it will synchronize well. For instance, you may have black sofa covers or throw pillows to enhance the look. 

How about a Black Backsplash?

I am sure you have heard and seen enough of backsplashes made of ceramic subway tiles in kitchens. But the one we are introducing to you now is a set of black subway tiles that can align behind your bar or study. If you think white subway tiles are cute as a backsplash, wait until you see black subway tiles for the same purpose. It creates an acutely unique sight with its reflective power from the glossy surface. 

Create a background for shelves

Shelves can be anywhere in the home, ranging from living rooms to study, kitchen, and bedroom. So, introducing the black-colored subway tiles as a backdrop to these shelves is another way to use them. Also, it includes those shelves that hold your home necessities and treasures. Kindly note that the best companion of black tiles is white-colored grout, which creates a contrast that is attractive to the eyes. Moreover, this combination can work for whatever material your shelves are made of, be it wood, cane, metal, and other materials. 

Do matte layer

The matte texture is another way to go if you desire to maximize the pleasure of black subway tiles. In other words, there is practically nothing that pins you to the standard subway sizing, smooth and sheen texture. To create a thicker and uneven surface, a matte finish may be the tweak you need. Besides, it becomes your way of actualizing minimalistic bathroom interior design. 

Pop-out your entryway

Another impressive way to rejuvenate your home is to add black subway tiles to your entryway or hallway. When customers enter your office or guests visit your house, you want them to instantly have an artistic feel. This feel may also be created by adding your favorite image while enabling a blend of vintage and contemporary styles

Show off Your Stylish Bar

The sides-bar or your kitchen may also provide you with an opportunity to showcase your creativity and flair. Instead of using conventional paint, you can add a creative visual impact beyond the effects of a coat of paint. Moreover, it can revive an otherwise rusty look when you use a set of black-colored subway tiles, which are relatively uncommon. In some classic designs, these subway tiles can also fit seamlessly into the midcentury accent of arts.

Add Black Subway Tiles to Brass Accents

For those who are looking at recreating the home interiors, they can use black subway tiles for perfect fitness. Its most decorative attribute comes with various options within various materials such as metals. But have you considered using a set of subway tiles with brass accents as some expert interior decorators? After all, it turned out to be a great deal, creating a flawless effect against each other. 

Black and White Subway Tiles 

What other color would have matched well with black subway tiles if not the contrasting white tiles? Before now, some interior homeowners who got bored of repeating white subway tiles have recreated with other colors. But now, they can create a pure contrast with the black and white subway tiles, which can combine to build a lovely pattern. This combination can work for both walls and floors of home interiors, especially bathrooms and kitchens.

Use Black subway tiles as wall cover 

Finally, the tenth idea for using black subway tiles is to cover the entire wall space. This method is a straightforward way to go big and all out on the wholesome use of the black subway tiles. Depending on the size of your wall, you can choose the smaller tile sizes or, the bigger ones. Just bear in mind that using standard sizes is more suitable for smaller spaces because it can appear more significant than it really is.